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We're showered with all sorts of questions, and try to address some of them below. Please bear with us that we cannot talk about many aspects of the game that we have not announced yet.

We will continuously update this page!


Preview of Sex and Games Game Reveal Trailer
Game Reveal Trailer

Q: Does the trailer show actual in-game footage?
A: Yes, the snippets you saw are from the game. Keep in mind though that the video sites hosting the trailer have likely substantially dumped down the quality in order to stream it to you via the internet. The actual video engine of the game features a quality of 30fps with a 1024x576 resolution and a really high bitrate.

Q: In the trailer, there is a notice that the content also includes violence. Can you clarify?
A: Our storyline is of course not just about sipping cocktails at the pool. That's fun, but may not really help you saving the world. There's conflict in our game, and some violence that goes with it. Rest assured though, we're not a game where you rip off people's guts and the like. If you are looking for games that feature insane levels of uber-violence, this is probably not the game for you.

Adult Content

Q: I noticed that trailers and videos are labeled as "clean version". Can you show me the more spicy versions as well?
A: We keep things more tame on this website because it is publicly accessible and some kids who ignore the "adults only" warning might sneak around. If you already made a purchase, please first visit your user page. Thereafter, at least for pictures, the obfuscations will be switched off.

Q: Is there real explicit sex in the game?
A: Yes, sex plays indeed a big role in the context of the game story. Sex is an overall theme and you can expect to be more or less constantly tantalized in some way.

Q: Is this porn?
A: The answer depends on what you consider to be pornography. Yes, the game features plenty of steamy sex. And no, the sex is not only there just to show sex. You can compare it to violence in a James Bond movie. Violence is a story device and not only there for the sake of showing violence. Similarly, the game features sex as part of the game setting and story. We enjoy sex and don't see a reason why all this good stuff shouldn't be a main theme in a game. If you are looking for pure sexual stimulation, then this game might actually not be your best option. There's plenty of other websites for that type of media. If you are however looking for a great engaging story and gameplay - underpinned with a highly sexual theme - then this might be the game for you!

Q: Is there anal sex and the like?
A: Sex in the game is a more mainstream affair and you won't find things like anal sex, gangbangs, non-consensual sex, or anything like that. These things make neither sense from the game's story point of view nor from the aesthetics feeling of the game. The setting has an overall undertone of highly sexual women in need for sex and they are surely acting / dressing up to get your hormones going, but it also won't go as far as them raping you. They will do their best to make you please them, but you are always in control and can choose to engage or not. But as we said, this "engagement" won't for example include getting into the behinds of the girls :)

Q: Will women also enjoy the game?
A: We have designed the game primarily for a male (straight) audience. The character that you are playing in first-person perspective in the game is male, and the game does not feature any other men as romantic interests or the like. This was mainly an economic decision because a possible gender selection would have resulted in much higher production costs. And because our development team is nearly all male and wants to make a game that we go crazy about ourselves, the gender choice for the protagonist was quite easy! I know, I know, very egoistic. Maybe for another product in the future! That said, some couples enjoy playing together. The game is also fun without the sexual aspects, but you will obviously be missing out on part of its appeal.


Q: Who are the actresses?
A: We have so far revealed Aletta Ocean (playing our ex-girlfriend "Mary"), Mia (playing the au pair "Ou"), Angel Dark, Carla Cox, Stracy Stone, La Belle Lisa, Sweet Cat, Belle Claire, ...and there are many more. And even more get continuously added - that's the cool thing about an online game! Stars are great to have (for example, Aletta was the winner of AVN's award of Best Female Foreign Performer, and Angel Dark was the winner of AVN's award of Best Female Foreign Performer) and we love them, but there are many girls in the world who don't have a "star" label but are extremely hot too! Thus, in general, we maintain a good mix of well-known stars and very hot girls that you see nowhere else but in our game! On our newsletter page, we have a section that includes introductions on some of the girls.

Q: The trailer has fantastic music! Is it from the game?
A: Yes! We're extremely proud of the quality of music we have in the game. Newsletter 33 has a few samples of the game's main R&B/Soul/Hip-Hop style. Not all is R&B/Soul/Hip-Hop though, and you can also check out some character-specific music examples for scenes related to Ou in Newsletter 6.

Q: Will core gamers also be happy with the game?
A: You bet! We have not yet started talking about gameplay in detail, but even though accessibility for people who don't regularly play games is a priority, you can expect deep gameplay from us. Easy to learn, but hard to master! We're gamers and not a movie company.


Q: Is your Intelligent Dynamic Video technology the same as FMV?
A: Not really... we also apply video technology, but that's where most of the similarities end. It would be a bit like categorizing an iPhone as a walkie-talkie because they both transmit voice. Time and technology has moved on since FMV times - the game's Intelligent Dynamic Video tech is way cooler! It has a life on its own, and intelligently decides in a continuous way what to show to you and how to assemble the video for each single cut. It is briefly mentioned in this Behind the Scenes mini-lecture. By the way, we also use some rendering for the production of the video; you can check out more things on this in this Behind the Scenes mini-lecture.

Technical Aspects

Q: Is it an online game?
A: Yes, the game is downloaded via the internet and will constantly be expanded and automatically updated. An internet connection is required to play it.

Q: Is it a multi-player game?
A: No, while there might be multi-player features in the future, it is for now a single-player experience.

Q: Will it only be available for PC?
A: Our game engine is built to support a number of different platforms, but we have not yet announced any plans. For now, you will only be able to run it on a Windows PC. You can check out some information on the system requirements here.


Q: When will the game be launched?
A: We have the luxury of being self-funded and don't have a publisher breathing down our neck! We want to deliver a high-quality game to you, and the short answer is: It's finished when we're happy with the content and quality level. Game production is not as predictable as assembly-line work, and it would be unfair to you if we commit to a specific date only to blow it later on. In addition, on the flip side of not having a publisher, funding is extremely sparse, and don't expect the game to be completed in the very short term.

Q: Who develops the game?
A: Kingdom Crafting Pte Ltd is the name of our game studio. We are based in Singapore. You have probably not heard of us before because Save the World or Not® was developed for years in secrecy. It's existence has publicly been revealed in September 2012.

Installation (Beta)

Q: Can I install the game on multiple computers?
A: Yes, we currently allow you to install the game for one user on two devices, like a desktop computer and your laptop. Most of your game progress, apart from local settings like audio volume etc., will automatically be carried over from one installation to the other. You can however not play at the same time on multiple installations.

Q: Is it possible to reset the installation counter?
A: Yes, but currently not in an automated way. Please contact us in this case.

Q: What is the difference between the regular and the advanced installer?
A: With the advanced installer, you can select the installation path, shortcut placement, and whether you want to activate background updating. This comes in handy if you for example don't have enough space on your main Windows drive. For the advanced installer's installation path selection, pay attention that the path/directory needs to be one to which you can always read and write, which is necessary for the automated updating process. We recommend that you use the regular installer though.

Q: Can I re-install the game if it is already installed?
A: If you want to run an installer and already have the game installed, before starting the new installer, always uninstall the game before the new installation, unless the new installer is only a language change or version upgrade. Take note that by running an installer, many of your local option settings, like stealth mode, etc., will be reset to the defaults and all game files will be deleted and re-downloaded.