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Welcome to the official Save the World or Not® website!

Preview of Game Reveal Trailer
Game Reveal Trailer

Save the World or Not® is a single-player PC online game (download & play with online connection) that combines a relaxed and highly atmospheric experience, with an epic and sex-charged adventure story, and rich and deep gameplay.

Highly atmospheric experience: The game is a very cool and relaxed experience. Whether you are in your villa or venture to far and exotic places around the world, apart from visual candy, we always have some really great music for you in store (mainly old-skool-style Hip Hop and R&B). Your pool villa serves as your headquarters in the game. The villa is always a great place to strategize about your next move, organize supplies for a task ahead, or... just relax and enjoy good company.

Epic adventure story: The game starts off when you just moved back to the city where your ex-girlfriend Mary (played by Aletta Ocean) lives. She asks you for help with a matter in her dance club. From then on... well, we don't want to spoil the story... but things quickly spiral out of control and you find yourself in an epic adventure that will decide about the survival of mankind. As you might have guessed from the title of the game - will you Save the World or Not? Your quest will take you to many different places, ranging from exotic/scenic natural environments, to medieval castles, and big city life and parties.

Sex: Yes, this is ADULT game, with lots of smoking hot women who enjoy showing off their stunning bodies and corresponding explicit sex! Star actresses include Aletta Ocean, Angel Dark, and many more, as well as loads of extremely hot babes that you will only find in our game.

Preview of Second Game Trailer
Second Game Trailer

Rich and deep gameplay: The game is easy to play even for people who don't usually play games. However, though playing the game is easy, it will be really challenging if you want to go for advanced achievements. Gameplay tends to be on the strategic side and not depend on quick reflex skills. The Second Game Trailer on the right side shows some example gameplay. We know that you guys have busy schedules, and Save the World or Not® allows you to make good progress even with short game sessions.

Live-action video: The game is a continuous first-person (POV) live-action video experience. The video provides great visual quality for the game, and seamlessly changes depending on you and your actions. The video plays continuously, i.e., without breaks, and directly integrates with gameplay.

Continuous rollout experience: Watch as we continuously implement and expand gameplay, features, and new content. Starting from a bare-bone version a few years ago, more and more of the content is integrated. No worries though, you're not missing out, as there is no annoying subscription - you gain permanent access to the game and can follow the game's evolution with ease of mind.

Online game: While the game is a single-player game, an internet connection is required because we are continuously expanding and improving the game.


More details can be found in the frequently asked questions (FAQ), and you can keep up with the game by our newsletters. Many more pictures, movies, and other media are available via the media browser on the main page.

Have fun exploring our website,
Your Save the World or Not® team

Gaming! Adventure! Sex! The game that every man was waiting for!

P.S.: Lots of free wallpapers on our Freebie page!


Feature Summary

Single-Player Adventure Game
(continuously updated/expanding persistent world)

Windows PC
(additional platforms planned for the future; the engine is already built for cross-platform purposes)

Minimum System Requirements:
Please check this page for details
(it's basically "running on a toaster")

Online game; Game client download with automated updating; Stealth mode to cloak the game on the computer
(internet connection required)

  English / full       Deutsch / MenĂ¼s und Untertitel
(more planned for the future)