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Welcome to the official Save the World or Not® website!



Preview of Sex and Games Game Reveal Trailer
Game Reveal Trailer

Save the World or Not® is a single-player PC online game that combines an epic adventure story, where you are up to save the world from an awakening evil, with great gameplay. Saving the world? Well, no pressure, the game has overall a very cool and relaxed game setting.

Oh, wait, we forgot something! The game also features lots of explicit sex and smoking hot women! Star actresses like Aletta Ocean, Angel Dark, and many more, and loads of extremely hot exclusive babes will get your heart pumping!

Preview of Second Trailer
Second Trailer

You gain permanent access to the game - no annoying subscription. It's an online game and the content of the game is continuously expanded and improved.

The game provides outstanding visual quality with continuous first-person (POV) live-action HD video. New Intelligent Dynamic Video technology was developed for the game where live-action video is seamlessly integrated with gameplay. The video intelligently and continuously changes depending on the player and his actions.

The game is easy to play even for people who don't usually play games. However, though playing the game is easy, it will be really challenging for players who want to go for advanced achievements. Furthermore, to accommodate everyone's busy schedules, Save the World or Not® will allow you to make good progress even with short game sessions.



Single-player Adventure Game
(continuously expanding persistent world on server)

Windows PC
(additional platforms planned for the future; the engine is already built for cross-platform purposes)

Minimum System Requirements:
Please check this page for details
(but it's basically "running on a toaster")

Online game; Game client download with automated updating; Stealth mode to cloak the game on the computer
(internet connection required)

Launch Date:
Not yet announced
(don't expect it within the next some months)

  English / full       Deutsch / MenĂ¼s und Untertitel
(more planned for the future)


Story and Setting

The game starts off when you just recently moved back to a city where your ex-girlfriend Mary (Aletta Ocean) lives. She asks you for help with a matter in her dance club. From then on... well, we don't want to tell too much yet... but it will soon turn out that not everything in the world is as you would expect it to be. Your quest develops into a worldwide struggle for the survival of mankind - will you save the world or not?

Your villa is sort of your headquarter. When you launch the game, you will always start off in your villa, unless you are out in the world at some exotic location or in another special situation. It's a great place to strategize about your next move, organize supplies for a task ahead, or... just relax and enjoy good company.

Your Villa

There are three main "factions" in the game. The first one is the regular people (and the military).

Regular/Human Faction 1 Regular/Human Faction 2

The second one are mysterious "Slimy Girls" that you will encounter soon.

And then there's a third faction, "the Order", which is an ancient secret organization. We haven't revealed anything about them yet.

Story environments are very varied, ranging from exotic/scenic natural environments, to medieval castles, and big city life with parties etc. Our game reveal trailer above might give you some impressions.

small image preview scenery-1 small image preview club-1

We don't want to reveal much more though... no story spoilers.


Eye Candy

On your quest, you will meet lots of very pretty girls - and most of them can't wait having sex with you! Our female actresses' hotness factor is thus high on our priority list.

Ou Ou

Our actresses include Aletta Ocean (playing your ex-girlfriend "Mary"), Mia (playing the au pair "Ou"; see above), Angel Dark, Carla Cox, Stracy Stone, La Belle Lisa, Sweet Cat, Belle Claire, ... and many more. And even more get continuously added - that's the cool thing of an online game! Stars are great to have (for example, Aletta won AVN's award of Best Female Foreign Performer, and Angel Dark won AVN's award of Best Female Foreign Performer) and we love them, but there are many girls in the world who don't have a "star" label but are extremely hot too! Thus, in general, we maintain a good mix of well-known stars and very hot girls that you see nowhere else but in our game.



For a lack of a better term, you could call the game a "Single-player Adventure Game" because story plays a big role and the game doesn't focus on twitch-based gameplay. The game is not a simple scene selection ("Do you want A or B?"), and many situations in the game require a bit more than simply pressing a button to activate an outcome. In general, our gameplay tends to be on the strategic side instead of depending on quick reflex skills. Depending on the situation, different game mechanics come into play. To overcome an obstacle or solve a problem, one has to master that specific gameplay up to a point, but higher levels of proficiency will give you more success (in terms of XP, resources, score, or whatsoever). In most cases, you will need many attempts to be able to advance, and you may even thereafter often come back to improve your previous outcome. Every mechanic is basically a complete game in itself.

In contrast to other adventure games like The Walking Dead, gameplay is thus not based on quick-time events, simple item combinations, and the like, but much deeper, and time pressure and the complexity of gameplay increases with your level of progress through the gameplay scene. Game mechanics are designed to be easy to understand however, and the game features advanced artificial intelligence that ensures that even the most casual player will have fun and advance through the game. Advanced mastery levels are far from a walk in the park though, where the AI leaves you on your own and things get increasingly tough.

The very concrete gameplay is a bit difficult to discuss openly because we have designed some novel and unique gameplay. If we give too many details, those hundreds of copycat developers will likely rush in and put out something that looks like ours, only that theirs is bad and ruins everyone's perception of it before we are even out. That said, you might have seen a bit of gameplay in the second trailer at the top, which may highlight some points: it's an overlay over the video but with integrated looks; and it's real-time but not depending on quick reflex skills. There is different gameplay depending on the situation/context (like a conversation in this case), but unified with a common interface style. In the trailer, it's shrunk to a few seconds to fit nicely into the video, but usually, it takes a few minutes to complete one of those mechanics.

You will be seamlessly transported into the game mechanics, with the first-person video simply continuing without disruption, and the UI elements sliding into view. The video then also dynamically reacts in real time to the state of gameplay.


Have fun exploring more on our site! Some more details are also discussed in the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and lots of more information can be found in our newsletters.

Save the World or Not®!
Gaming! Adventure! Sex! The game that every man was waiting for!


Free Wallpapers

In our newsletters, we are now and then adding some freebies for download. Below are some free wallpapers from the newsletters. Download, extract the files, and enjoy! If you want to use a picture as your desktop background, in most Windows versions, you can simply right-click the picture (after downloading and extracting!) and then select "Set as desktop background".


From Newsletter Issue 25:

Meeting Carla in the Club. High-Resolution Wallpaper Preview. Save the World or Not®.

[ 4:3 display (3.7 MB) ]   [ 16:9 display (4.7 MB) ]   [ 16:10 display (4.5 MB) ]


From Newsletter Issue 18:

High-Resolution Wallpaper StWoN 1 Preview. Save the World or Not®.

[ 16:9 display (1.5 MB) ]

High-Resolution Wallpaper StWoN 2 Preview. Save the World or Not®.

[ 16:9 display (1.2 MB) ]

High-Resolution Wallpaper StWoN 3 Preview. Save the World or Not®.

[ 16:9 display (0.9 MB) ]

High-Resolution Wallpaper StWoN 5 Preview. Save the World or Not®.

[ 16:9 display (1.1 MB) ]

High-Resolution Wallpaper StWoN 6 Preview. Save the World or Not®.

[ 16:9 display (1.4 MB) ]


P.S.: Lots of pictures, movies, and other media in our newsletters and via the media browser on the main page.