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Issue 11 / March 8, 2013
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Hi everyone,

Today, we have our first "Behind the Scenes" video for you! However, it's only really something for you if you are interested in art and tech... because none of our hot girls are in this video (sorry).

It's a mini-lecture of about 15 minutes, giving an overview of the rendering that we use for our game. It covers the overall development process, technical approaches like motion blur, and why it might be a bad idea to choose the top of a sailing boat's mast for shooting a scene! The main example discussed is an island fly-over that's part of the game's introduction scene.

By the way, the negative reaction toward near-but-not-exactly-human renders that's mentioned in the beginning is sometimes also called the "Uncanny Valley" effect. Only live-action footage with real actors thus for our game, as our game is definitely not part of the zombie genre!



Have a great weekend and until next time,


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