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Free Wallpapers

In our newsletters, we are now and then adding some freebies for download. Below are some free wallpapers from these newsletters. Download, extract the files, and enjoy! If you want to use a picture as your desktop background, in most Windows versions, you can simply right-click the picture (after downloading and extracting!) and then select "Set as desktop background".

If you don't know whether you have a 4:3, 16:9, or 16:10 ratio display, no worries, just try it out. If it's not the correct version, you might see some clipping or stretching in the picture. Then simply try another version.


From Newsletter Issue 25:

Preview of Wallpaper Meeting Carla in the Club

[ 4:3 display (3.7 MB) ]   [ 16:9 display (4.7 MB) ]   [ 16:10 display (4.5 MB) ]


From Newsletter Issue 18:

Preview of Wallpaper Your Pool

[ 16:9 display (1.5 MB) ]

Preview of Wallpaper Carla is Ready for Action

[ 16:9 display (1.2 MB) ]

Preview of Wallpaper Trapped

[ 16:9 display (0.9 MB) ]

Preview of Wallpaper Driving to the Club

[ 16:9 display (1.1 MB) ]

Preview of Wallpaper Ou is Dancing

[ 16:9 display (1.4 MB) ]


Customer-Only Wallpapers

The following wallpapers are only available to you if you already have game access. Please check your user page to download them.

From Newsletter Issue 13:

Preview of Wallpaper Remember Me

[ Please check your user page to download. ]


Lots of pictures, movies, and other media in our newsletters and via the media browser on the main page.